New 2021 iPhone might probably be called iPhone 13

According to a fresh leak, Apple’s forthcoming new phone will be branded the iPhone 13. Despite suggestions that the name might be disregarded for a variety of reasons, including superstitions, tradition, or a whole new naming process, the name has stuck. The claim, which was initially published by Economic Daily News, purportedly came from the distribution network.

So, Whats the news on iPhone 13?

Whereas as per other sources, the expected upgrades for this year’s smartphones make this an S-year, and therefore the iPhone 12S will be named. While many have already speculated that, because the number 13 is considered bad by some, Apple may bypass the numeral or perhaps eliminate the numbering, opting instead to utilize the name iPhone and year as the identification, as it is with Macs and iPads.

The iPhone 13 is likely to include a touchscreen with a ProMotion 120Hz configurable refresh rate and always-on capability, among other features. As per CNet, other reported advanced features include an enhanced periscope camera, ultrawide-angle lens for night mode shooting, and lidar technology including all cameras.

According to the report, Foxconn will manufacture all iPhone 13 Pro Max devices, 68 per cent of iPhone 13 devices, and around 60 per cent of iPhone 13 Pro devices, with the balance being produced by Luxshare, whereas, Pegatron will manufacture the iPhone 13 small solely.

The concern is when the iPhones from 2021 will be available for purchase. The answer used to be simple: from the iPhone 5 through the iPhone 8, each year’s models were released in September. Things have changed reportedly with the iPhone X, and it is unclear if certain models will be available in September, October, or November since then.

The new phones are also likely to be incremental updates to the iPhone 12 instead of a complete redesign. Apple usually makes modest modifications every other year and adds a “S” to the end of the current number rather than creating a new one.

Critics and many experts have theorized for years that Apple might abandon the numerical system completely. Much of Apple’s devices are not identified by a figure – new iPads and Macs, for example, are referred to by their names – and the company has never stuck to a rigid numbering plan for iPhones.

However, once Apple made the change to iPhone X, even though it told consumers it was called 10, the conjecture began in earnest. With the iPhone 11, Apple just went back to Arabic numerals and has stayed with that system since then. It is true that the iPhone 12 range in 2020 was popular; however, the iPhone 13 range in 2021 may be even better, owing to plenty of new, creative features that won’t be found on the iPhone 12.

Nothing is official just yet, but there appears to be a widespread agreement on what the iPhone 13 will bring.

Here are six of the most important and new features of the iPhone 13

Storage Capacity

Currently, the maximum storage available on an iPhone is 512GB. Including heavy users, is more than enough. However, Apple is rumored to be preparing to add a 1TB tier to its Pro devices. If this is correct, an iPhone 13 with 1TB of capacity with a price ranging between $1800 and $2000.

Battery life

The iPhone 12’s battery capacity was one of its significant flaws. The iPhone 12’s battery is lower than the iPhone 11’s due to the addition of 5G and the requirements it makes on the CPU and battery. It is not a negligible change; however, the iPhone 11 has a four-hour battery life advantage over the iPhone 12.


Till now, no iPhone has employed 120Hz screens. Apple, on the other hand, already has the technology to do so – it is known as ProMotion. Apple is using LTPO display technology on its iPhone 13 range, as per sources, in terms of bringing ProMotion screens to at least two of the versions. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be the costliest iPhones among the other iDevices.

5G iPhones

The iPhone 12 was released when 5G was still in its development phase. Technology has advanced since then. Modems and chipsets have advanced significantly in recent years, becoming more competent and reliable at higher speeds. In the year 2021, Apple is anticipated to rise shipments of mmWave 5G iPhones.

Particularly mmWave 5G is projected to provide more than half of all iPhones released in 2021, though single 5G band capability will be available on select models for particular locations.

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