What is Dark Mode in iPhone? Can you activate Dark Mode in iOS 13 and iPadOS and iOS 10-12?

Dark Mode is meant to make things easier on the sight by delivering a reduced brightness level in low-light settings while retaining contrast and clarity. Activating Dark Mode on an OLED iPhone, such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max, can help save power consumption when complete blacks are displayed.

It is indeed evident that integrating Dark Mode in iOS and iPadOS took a bit of time. Nevertheless, now that we’ve had the opportunity to utilize it, we have to admit it looks fantastic. We’re confident you will like to understand how to activate Dark Mode on both iPhone and iPad, either you’re searching for a method to use the devices more effectively at night or merely want a new appearance.

The dark mode feature is one of the various advantages of Apple iOS 13 or later that improves the aesthetics on the display. The dark mode is intended for usage on low-light screens as well as at night. When you enable dark mode, your alerts and widgets will take on a darker tint. The choice to utilize the functionalities can be turned on or off manually, or programmed to automatically.

What is Dark Mode in iPhone?

The user experience of iOS is now bright and dazzling, with high contrast white-ish backgrounds in virtually all of its standard apps, including Safari, Mail, and Messages. These bright backdrops might be disconcerting, especially when utilized in low-light situations. Eye strain and visual fatigue are common side effects of so much light.

The Helvetica typeface on your iPhone defaults to white rather than black. The white translucent layers are therefore substituted by dark translucent layers. Dark Mode transforms the appearance and feel of your Mac, Apple TV, and iDevices, making them ideal for evening watching. In a minimal light environment such as restaurants and pubs, dark mode provides breathing room and a relief for the eyes.

Can you activate Dark Mode in iOS 13 and iPadOS and iOS 10-12?

The great thing is that Apple has finally established and enabled an official dark mode for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Though for the disappointing news, there is no authorized Dark Mode for iOS 12 and before for older model iPhones that can’t upgrade to iOS13/iPadOS.

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Ways to activate dark mode in iOS 13 for iPhone and iPadOS

Settings Application

Follow the instructions below to activate dark mode in iOS 13 for iPhone via settings app-

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Display & Brightness’ option and click it.
  2. There are two options for ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ at the top of that display. This is how you can activate dark mode, as you might have guessed. This choice, although, does not tell the iPhone or iPad to automatically convert to dark mode.
  3. You will notice a switch for “Automatic” just below two available setups. When you click on that button, a new choice will appear underneath it and change the dark mode with a default timing. You may, however, select the ‘Custom Schedule’ option and specify when these two- time options should take effect.

Via Siri

Furthermore, to enable Dark Mode, you can use the help of Siri. Changing the look of your iPhone or iPad software with Siri is probably the quickest way to do it. To initiate it, ask Siri by telling ‘Hey Siri, switch on Dark Mode,’ or ‘Hey Siri, set on Dark Appearance’ etc.

Control Center

It takes barely a second to activate Dark Mode in iOS 13 using this approach. The Control Center on the iPhone or iPad is used in this technique.

  1. Tap your iPhone or iPad screen from the upper edge. You’ll see a grid of different-sized symbols when you swipe the finger down. The ‘Control Center’ option will appear.
  2. To access the Control Center on an older smartphone with a Home button, swipe up from the bottom.
  3. A slider that regulates the brightness of the iPhone’s screen should be visible. Hold the finder on this slider rather than moving it up or down. At the end of the screen, many additional options will surface as well.
  4. Check in the bottom-left corner for an option that says ‘Dark Mode’. You may activate Dark Mode by tapping on it, as you would have guessed. And if you press it once again, Light mode will be activated.

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