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How do you fix Apple Music not working on iPhone/iPad?

Apple Music not working on iPhone: Playing music on Apple can be a fantastic experience, particularly when you have paid for Apple Music. Apple Songs allows users to share music from its complete music collection for any reason. This implies you don’t own the music you’re hearing to, and the files you’re playing to aren’t on the device either. Which indicates you’re listening to songs from the music library.

Apple Music is well-known around the globe because of its user-friendly design and Apple’s assurance in the service. However, malfunctions or bugs can get in the way of entertainment, and you may find that Apple music isn’t functioning on Apple devices. If Apple Music isn’t operating on your iOS device, and you can’t figure out why to try the following steps mentioned. Since many other users had a similar problem in the past, and all such approach appears to be effective in resolving the Apple Music app’s issues.

Some of the common causes of Apple Music not working on iPhone/iPad

These typical issues can cause music to not function on your iPhone or iPad in the majority of cases. Some of the common causes of Apple Music not working on iPhone/iPad are-

  • The file type isn’t supported.
  • The corrupted track is skipped or froze.
  • The info is not in sync with the device.
  • Tracks aren’t readable or loaded.

Various methods to fix Apple Music not working on iPhone/ iPad

Restart Apple Music on iPhone/ iPad

Restart Apple Music on iPhone/ iPad

The first solution is to restart Apple Music. It has been found by a lot of users that it can occasionally resolve the issue in a matter of seconds. Simply double-click the Home button on the iPhone to restart Apple Music. This will display a list of applications that have been accessed recently. To quit Apple Music, drag the Apple Music icon. To relaunch it, select Home Page from the menu.

Reset the Network Settings

Reset the Network Settings


Next, you need to try to reset the network settings if the previous solution didn’t solve the issue. It’s possible that Apple Music isn’t acquiring enough bandwidth from the network, resulting in complications like Apple Music not connecting to the Internet. Open settings, head to General, click on the Reset option and finally tap Reset Network Settings to reset the network settings in Apple devices.

Activate the Airplane Mode

Activate the Airplane Mode 

Airplane mode is frequently the best approach for a variety of issues. It just works well without any difficulty. To activate Airplane mode on the iPhone, go over to Settings and turn it on. Allow a few moments before turning off Airplane Mode once again.

Update iTunes on iPhone/ iPad

Apple music not working on iPhone: Upgrading iTunes to the latest edition unlocks plenty of additional features while also resolving any existing issues. So, go ahead and open iTunes to update it. Click on Help option then go to Check for Updates at the menu bar on the top. Then follow the instructions to upgrade iTunes to the latest edition.

Force restart the iPhone/iPad

Force restart the iPhone/iPad

To force restart the iPhone/iPad you need to hold the Home and Power simultaneously on an iPhone 6S or earlier version, as well as all iPads with Home Buttons and iPod Touches, till you get to view the Apple logo.

For the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iPod 7th generation: For at least 10 seconds, hold down the Side and Volume Down controls till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

In the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iPod 7th generation for a duration of 10 seconds, hold down and press both side volume down keys till the Apple logo appears. Whereas for iPhones 8 and upper version, and iPads you can do so without a home button. Now, press and hold the volume up and volume down button for a few seconds. Now press and hold the Side button till you view the Apple logo.

Free up some space

If you’re having trouble downloading tracks or seeing album covers, consider freeing up enough space. To enable Apple Music to stream music, records, and other content, make sure you have 3-4GB of free space. Whenever users’ clear internal space for Apple Music to function, this solution has proven for several users.

Apple Music has all of the necessary skill to perform flawlessly the majority of the time. However, if you are experiencing this type of problem, then can rely on the methods listed above to assist you in resolving the problem. Some iPhone users who have faced Apple Music have verified the efficiency of the procedures outlined above.

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