What to do when your Apple Watch is Not Ringing?

Whenever you can’t access the iPhone, the Apple Watch is an important tool for staying connected. You will still get your preferred alerts or phone calls, as well as customized notifications on your watch if the iPhone is locked or idle.

Nevertheless, some cellular Apple Watch users have claimed that they are unable to make or receive calls on the Apple Watch while they are not carrying the iPhone. The call may even come through, but you will be unable to answer it. Others have claimed that whenever they try to contact someone else, they are directed to voicemail.

As a result, it might be aggravating when the Apple watch does not ring to notify you of incoming calls. Try the solutions listed below to solve the issue of your Apple Watch is Not Ringing.

Solutions to resolve Apple Watch is Not Ringing issue

Ensure to disable Do Not Disturb Mode

If you have Do Not Disturb enabled on either phone or watch, it will not ring when you get a call. Make absolutely sure that the Do Not Disturb is turned off in the Settings menu. In the same way, ensure that the iPhone isn’t in silent mode. Also, confirm that the Do Not Disturb, Silent, and Theatre Modes are deactivated in the Control Centre by swiping down on the watch face.

Restart the iPhone and Apple Watch

You can reboot the iPhone and Apple Watch to address any temporary technical issues if the notification configurations are right. Hold down the side button and press until you see the slider to restart the Apple Watch. Hold until the watch goes off while dragging the slider. After that, simply press and hold the side button till the Apple logo appears.

Tap and hold the side button or either of the volume keys till the slider appears to reboot iPhone X and later version. To turn off the phone, drag it. To restart the iPhone, wait a few seconds and then press and hold the side button once more. Hold the side button and press it on earlier iPhones until you see the slider, then move it to switch off the iPhone.

Disable passcode on Apple Watch

Is the Apple Watch protected by a passcode? If the answer is affirmative, consider switching it off for a few minutes to see if the problem goes away. To do so, go to Apple Watch settings and choose Passcode. Select Turn Passcode Off from the menu. Now, try and call your iPhone from a separate device to see if the Apple Watch’s incoming call alert shows up.

Turn on the Wake Screen

If you get an incoming call notice on Apple Watch, the screen does not instantly wake up. It may be set to turn on when the wrist is raised. Go over to the Watch app’s My Watch menu, then General Wake Screen on the iPhone. On Wrist Raise, turn on the Wake Screen.

Update iPhone and Apple Watch

Another reason why your Apple Watch isn’t ringing is that it hasn’t been upgraded. The iPhone is in the same category. If any of these devices aren’t up to date, try updating it immediately and see if the problem persists. To proceed just go to General in the Settings app on iPhone. Software Update is towards the top of the list, and it will show if there are any updates available currently.

Now for Apple Watch, go to the Apple Watch’s Settings and then to General. Choose Software Update to see whether an update is available. If there is an update, the screen should lead you through the download as well as the installation process.

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Quick hacks to solve the Apple Watch is Not Ringing issue

  • Inspect the Control Center on the Apple Watch to see if you’ve enabled Silent, Theatre, or Do Not Disturb mode.
  • When the iPhone is unlocked, alerts are sent to the iPhone rather than your Apple Watch. Until the Apple Watch is protected with the password, you get alerts on the Apple Watch when your iPhone is closed or in sleep mode.
  • Disable the passcode lock on your Apple Watch for a while and see whether you can now accept calls.
  • Check out the Watch app on the linked iPhone to see how you can set up alerts. Apple suggests that you set it to Mirror iPhone, but you may wish to change it.

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