How can you archive and back up Emails on the MacBook?

In the present era, archiving is critical for individuals and businesses that utilize email services. As a result, archiving is the only way to keep the data safe. However, whenever the time comes, one may have to deal with the repercussions of not saving the emails, such as losing all of them.

Also, learn how to archive existing emails below if the inbox requires deep cleaning and you are afraid of accidentally deleting vital information. We will also explain to you how to archive and back up emails remotely so you do not lose anything if your email account is deleted.

Why do you need to archive and back up emails on the MacBook?

Maintaining a backup of one’s email data is now a mandatory function. If you work in the industry or keep all of your personal information in your email account, it is a good idea to preserve both the sent and received messages. You might be wondering why it is so important to back up Apple Mail. A list of a few important factors as mentioned here-

  • It would be far less expensive to archive the emails than just attempt to restore them after they have been erased completely from the email account.
  • Email programs give you a finite storage space, which will quickly fill up. After storing the emails locally, you may next delete the emails that are no longer needed.
  • A received email is only kept on the email server, which means that if your account has been hacked or deleted for any reason, all of your critical emails may be gone as well.
  • However, if the server is down, saving emails to an external hard drive assures company continuity. However, this would only be achievable with frequent archiving and a high backup rate.

Ways to Archive Emails in the Mail App

It is simple to archive and back up emails with the macOS Mail program. Simply choose an email in the inbox and select the Archive symbol, which appears like a storage box, just above the email preview.

  • In case there is a Touch Bar above the keyboard on the MacBook, you may also choose an email and press the Archive symbol that displays on the Touch Bar.
  • Control-click an email and then choose Archive from the menu.
  • You can even go to Message and then Archive from the menu bar after selecting an email. Alternatively, for power users, pick an email and press Ctrl + Cmd + A command to archive it immediately.
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Backup Emails on External Hard disk

The mail export mailbox feature is a useful function for those who like to delete messages from their inbox yet have backups. You can simply save email from Apple Mail to a hard drive with it. To back up your Apple mail, follow these steps-

  • To begin, set up a new mailbox
  • Next, in the sidebar, right-click on the mailbox and select “Export Mailbox” to transfer the messages.
  • Next, select a place for the.mbox file (external disc) and select the ‘Choose’ option.

How can I archive messages by default?

If you wish to archive messages by swiping, you will have to make that the default option for deleting emails. To do so, open the Mail app and navigate to Mail. Now go to preferences on the menu bar. Modify the Move deleted messages line to Archive on the viewing section.

  • You may now rapidly archive emails by swiping left with two fingers over messages.
  • You may even archive emails straight from a notification on the Mac if you make Archive the default action. When a Mail alert displays in the top-right corner, select Options and then Archive.
  • If you do not see this choice, go to System Preferences and then go to notifications and check that Mail Alerts are activated.

Backup Emails via Microsoft Outlook PST file

Almost all you prefer to use another platform, such as Microsoft Outlook, to back up emails. Since Apple Mail does not enable the straight export capability into Outlook; you must have a separate email client installed on the device such as Eudora, Outlook Express, or Outlook.

MBOX Converter

Most of the approaches may not guarantee a flawless backup and exporting of Email on MacBook to an external hard drive. As a result, this blog offers Apple Mail to Outlook Converter, a software that can transfer and recover all of your deleted or damaged emails from the Mac Mail account. And also, save MBOX files in either PST, HTML, EML, or PDF format remotely.

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