How can we change Folder Icons in OS X?

Changing your application and folder icons is one of the most effective methods to personalize and personalize the Mac. You can make things completely your own with only a few easy adjustments. You may alter the icons in OS X in a variety of ways. Your apps and folders are the simplest to modify.

You may customize the icon for nearly any file on the Mac using OS X. It’s usually as simple as copy-pasting the image into the appropriate window. You’ll need to dive a bit further into the Apple system if you want to change some specific icons, such as the Finder. As it can be said that after a time, the default Mac desktop becomes tedious. Try altering the icons of your favorite programs, files, and files to change things up. The most prevalent ways of altering icons on a Mac are listed below.

Ways to change folder Icons in OS X

  • To begin, go to the file for which you wish to alter the icon. To start bringing up the file’s info pane, select the folder and press Command + I on the keyboard.
  • Now, in Preview, locate the picture you want to use as the new folder icon. Use Command + A to pick the picture, next Command + C to copy it while it is displayed.
  • Return to the details pane for the folder you’re operating with and select the folder icon in the top left corner once the picture has been copied to the clipboard. To post the image, pick the folder symbol in the upper left corner with a blue highlight surrounding it and press Command + V. The folder will be changed to the image you selected.

You’re prepared to try out different ways now that the folder has a new design. If you wish to get rid of the new icon, simply visit the info pane again, this time selecting the folder and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard. This will delete the new icon and restore the old one.

Copying an image/picture

Take a picture from another file and paste it into this one. Go to another file icon if you prefer its appearance. Select the file name while holding down Control, then choose Get Info. The file icon should appear in the top left corner of the new tab. Then choose Edit Copy from the top menu after clicking that symbol (it should be highlighted in blue). After you’ve saved or copied the picture, you may use it as an icon.

Copy a previously saved picture. Select a picture file that you’d want to utilize as an icon. Select Edit Select All, then Edit Copy from the top menu. Hold it down the mouse button and slide to create a box around an area of the picture you just want to use, and then used the Copy command.

Take a screenshot of the page. Bring up the picture and simultaneously hit the following keys, which are Command + Control + Shift + 4. The crosshair on your cursor should appear. To take a screenshot, press down the left mouse button and drag it across the screen. That picture has been copied to your clipboard (copied). To discover how to utilize it as an icon image, scroll down.

Look for icon sets online if you want to alter an icon but aren’t sure what to replace it with. Although Mac OS X utilizes the ICNS format for square pictures, you may copy-paste images on Mac in most standard file types.

Using an image as an icon for the folder

Locate the icon you’d want to modify. Go over to the folder where the file you want to change is located. Control-click an icon on your dock and choose Options Show in Finder if you wish to modify it. Several folders, apps, and documents have an icon that you may alter. While some special icons, such as the Finder and Trash icons, cannot be altered in this manner.

Access the file’s information window. By selecting the file’s name or picture, you may choose it. Choose the get Info from the menu when you control-click the file. A new screen with data about that file should show up. You may also use the shortcut Command+i or the File Get Info choice in the top menu to access this tab.

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