How can you charge the MacBook without a Charger?

The most frequent way to power the MacBook is to use its charger. Though, in a situation when your charger isn’t available, what do you do then? What if it’s not working? What if you’re in a restaurant and realize you’ve forgotten to bring it? Don’t worry; there are alternative ways to power the MacBook that don’t need the use of its charger. However, keep in mind that these remedies aren’t lasting.

Can you charge a MacBook with an iPhone charger?

You can charge iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, Air pods, and other Apple gadgets using Apple USB power adapters for iPad and Mac laptops. Simply use the USB to Lightning connection, 30-pin to USB cable, or Apple Watch chargers that are provided with the device to plug it into the power adapter.

Points to remember while charging a MacBook without a Charger

When you use a different charger, keep certain points in mind and take the following steps first-

  • If you use a mobile phone or other chargers, the battery may be in danger of damage, swelling, and other issues.
  • It may take longer than you anticipate for appropriate charging time
  • If you’re used to using a different charger frequently, your USB Type – C port may become loose.

Ways to charge the MacBook without a Charger

Some of the methods that you can opt to charge the MacBook without a Charger are listed below-

USB Converter

If you have access to a computer, you can use it to power the MacBook. To do this, you should have a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter cable. Easily connect the two devices using the cable, and you should be good to charge the MacBook.

Power Bank

One can charge the MacBook with a power bank. In fact, the model of the MacBook you own will play a huge role in this. In order for this to operate, the power bank must also have a USB 3.0 port. You ought to be able to charge the MacBook using a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter connection.

USB Type C

You can use an Android USB Type C phone charger to power the MacBook, depending on the model you’re running. You can just connect the cord into an outlet and charge the MacBook. This charging mechanism works in a similar way to how you power the iPhone. It should, however gradually, be able to charge the MacBook.

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Techniques that can help you to slow down the usage of battery life

Meanwhile, if your MacBook still has some battery life remaining, you’ll want to save it as much as possible. Particularly if you’ve considered it and decided not to use the various means of recharging the MacBook, the remaining battery life is all you’ve got for the time being. So, if you don’t have your charger, here are several ways to extend the life of the MacBook’s battery.

Disable keyboard backlight

The backlights on the keyboard are another component that you may disable. Although having them on while typing in the dark is great, they do exhaust the MacBook battery considerably faster. If you absolutely must have them switched on, try lowering the brightness of the backlight to save energy, thus slowing down the battery depletion.

Lower display brightness

The display on the MacBook is one of the greatest drainers of battery life. Try reducing the screen’s brightness to extend the life of the MacBook battery. Ensure, that the brightness level is still suitable for the eyes. So that you don’t suffer from an eye strain as a result of saving the MacBook’s power consumption.

You may also adjust the MacBook’s settings to turn off the screen after a specified amount of time has passed. To extend the life of the MacBook battery, disable the auto-brightness option.

Turn off your Bluetooth

When you’re not using additional portable devices for the MacBook, including a mouse or a speaker, it’s a smart option to switch off the Mac’s Bluetooth as well. Alternatively, you may utilize the trackpad and built-in speakers. Switching off this transmitter will help save your MacBook’s battery life, which is probably your first priority if you don’t have a charging cable with you.

Remove Applications

One technique to save battery life on the MacBook is to close down any programs that aren’t in use. These are programs that you’ve finished but haven’t closed on the MacBook. Simply tap Command + Q to close these programs and improve the performance of the MacBook battery.

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