How can you clean the iPhone Speaker?

Apple distributes iOS upgrades for upkeep and bug fixes regularly. Likewise, the iPhone’s hardware requires adequate treatment in order to work effectively. The iPhone’s microphone and speakers collect microscopic dust particles with time. After some point, you may have noticed a whirring noise emanating from your iPhone speakers or microphones that aren’t working properly.

Also know that one of the unclean items you carry is most likely the iPhone speaker. In fact, most cell phones contain more germs than the typical toilet seat or washbasin, so wash your hands in a proper manner after texting and before eating whenever possible.

How do you clean the iPhone Speaker?

Although if you don’t have trouble with sound quality, trying to clean your iPhone speakers on a regular basis is a great thing since any dust, food particles, skin cells, or any other debris that gets into the comparatively tiny speaker holes at the bottom of the iPhone can get blocked thoroughly into the speaker and become much harder to extract.

Note that if you’re having audio problems with the iPhone, it’s most probably the software, not the hardware; simply switch it off and on again, and it will be fine.

Things that you should never use to clean the iPhone speakers

Here are a few things you should not do before even thinking about what tools you may need, before reaching for anything that could harm your valuable iPhone.

  1. To get rid of the dirt, don’t use any sharp items. You might get suggestions to clean your speaker using the sharp edge of twigs, needles, and even safety pins, please ignore all such recommendations. They can cause serious damage to your iPhone speakers.
  2. Use no liquids, including rubbing alcohol. Since rubbing alcohol evaporates faster than water, any liquid and the inner workings of an iPhone are not a perfect combination
  3. Avoid compressed air from a can. Usually, such devices are great for cleaning tough electronics like a laptop keyboard, the pressure they create is too much for more sensitive gadgets.

How can you clean the iPhone Speaker using painter’s tape?

A blue tape that is used to tape down walls during painting is known as Painter’s tape. Due to its high pressure-sensitive adhesive, it’s ideal for cleaning the iPhone speakers.

  1. Take out a small piece and roll it into a cylinder, adhesive side facing out. The length of the cylinder should be around the width of the index finger.
  2. Place the tape around the index finger and press it against the speakers of the iPhone.
  3. All of the dirt and debris that have collected in the speakers should be picked up by the tape.
  4. During each implementation, inspect the tape’s surface. Remove and dump the old tape if it has lint and filth clinging to it, then roll a new tiny one to continue.

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How can you clean the iPhone Speaker using a soft brush?

Using a soft-bristled brush, particularly a tiny paintbrush, is the best way to get rid of dirt and dust from the iPhone speaker. To have effective performance, try cutting the bristles to a half-inch length. Brush the speaker from bottom to top repeatedly.

Do not slide the soft brush along the speaker’s length. You may notice some dust come off when brushing. Although you won’t be able to use this method on the iPhone’s bottom speaker, simply move the brush in a circular pattern into the speaker openings.

How can you clean the iPhone Speaker using a toothbrush?

People may clean the iPhone speakers with a dry and clean toothbrush. Brush the speakers with a dry, sterile toothbrush, properly massage it over the upper and bottom iPhone speakers to get the best result.

A few things to keep in mind here. Don’t soak the toothbrush in the alcohol completely. Also, don’t use too much pressure when cleaning the speaker; it should be delicate. Also, avoid using water for rubbing alcohol. Water does not evaporate as rapidly as alcohol, which raises the risk of liquid harm to the iPhone’s internal components.

These are the most effective methods to clean the iPhone speaker without causing serious damage. The quality of your iPhone speaker should be better and crisper after cleaning it. Get it done at least once a week to avoid spreading germs and to keep your iPhone neat and in perfect condition.

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