How can you completely wipe Mac hard drive?

At times you might discover that the Mac is becoming increasingly slow, or you may have to sell or exchange your Mac for a new one. In this scenario, wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system would be a wise decision to make your Mac as clean as new while also protecting your privacy. Whenever you sell your Mac, you must not want anyone to have access to personal data. So, it is possible to prevent your personal data from being retrieved by completely wiping the hard drive.

Benefits of complete wipe Mac hard drive

Consider how there would be no need to wipe Mac hard drive if we had an unlimited storage device. Whereas, on Windows and Mac computers, we ought to perform a full hard drive clean-up now and again. Some hard disk users believe that comprehensive formatting will benefit in the following ways:

  • Enhances computer performance. When you have a lot of data on the computer, it might become slow. A Clean-up is required in this situation.
  • Delete the incursive malware. Removing data from the hard drive will also remove any kind of virus present.
  • Several disintegration and other difficulties can be resolved by deleting or wiping hard drive.
  • Establish a new division or merge existing ones. You will need to remove or format certain partitions on your system to do this.
  • To install a new operating system, you must first erase the existing one. As a result, you will need to delete the old data from the hard disk to create room for the new setup.

Ways to completely wipe Mac hard drive

Whenever you begin, the first to determine is if you have a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD). To figure out, or at the very least be certain, go to the Apple menu and pick “About this Mac.” Click the “Storage” option to check which sort of drive is installed in the system.

Make sure that any essential data on the hard drive has been transferred to another location. The built-in backup program in OS X is an excellent place to start, particularly when used with Backblaze. You can rest assured that the data is always safe owing to a local backup copy and secured iCloud storage.

Steps to follow to backup Mac data before wiping hard drive:

  1. Click the Time Machine button in the System Preferences folder from the Apple Menu > System Preferences menu.
  2. Choose Disk in the top-middle of the screen and choose Back Up Automatically.
  3. Select the disk on which you wish to keep your backup data. It’s preferable to connect an external hard disk to store a copy of all the content you wish to save.
  4. Even if you don’t intend to wipe Mac hard drive, you should back up the Mac frequently in case it crashes or suffers another mishap. In case you might not want to utilize Time Machine, you may alternatively save all of your critical data online using iCloud or another cloud storage provider.
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Steps to follow to wipe Mac Hard Drive (HDD):

  1. Firstly, you need to shut down your Mac.
  2. Press and hold the power button, as well as the command and R buttons, at the same moment.
  3. Wait till you see the Apple logo on the display.
  4. From the OS X Utilities menu, choose “Disk Utility.” Start by pressing the Enter key.
  5. By tapping on it in the sidebar, you may choose the disk you wish to erase. Then, at the end of the window, select the Erase button. Remember that the Erase option is only available once you’ve started the Mac with the command +R keys. If you try to reformat the hard disk after starting the computer properly, it will not be accessible.
  6. With a slider bar, choose how completely you wish to wipe your hard disk by clicking the Security Options icon.

The most recent Mac uses solid-state drives (SSDs), rather than traditional hard disk drives, and Apple’s Disk Utility program does not allow you to erase the hard drive in this scenario. Even a simple wipe may make Mac data recovery tough. Another concern is that erasing an SSD will harm your hard disk, which will eventually fail. As a result, we do not suggest thoroughly wiping a Mac with SSD using the technique described above. You may, nevertheless, do a normal wipe of your Mac SSD to properly clean it and check the performance of the system.

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