How do I delete photos from iPhone but not from iCloud?

Apple’s iCloud helps in sharing photographs across devices while also providing an automated backup if your iPhone is lost or damaged. As a result, the memory on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac is more secure and better maintained in the iCloud. Nevertheless, since iPhone and iCloud are linked, if you delete photos from iPhone, it is also deleted from iCloud.

Thankfully, there are a couple of solutions that allow you to remove photos from the iPhone while still keeping them in the iCloud.

Ways to delete photos from iPhone but keep them in iCloud

There are several options if you wish to remove images from the iPhone but not from iCloud. Normally, the iPhone auto backs up to the iCloud account, and if you remove images from the iPhone, they will be erased from your iCloud account at the same time.

So, how can you erase photographs off your iPhone but not from your iCloud account? It is actually quite simple. Users may disable iCloud photo sharing, sign in with a different iCloud account, or share photos with a cloud service other than iCloud. Everything is described out in detail here; simply follow the instructions.

Backup with iPhone alternatives

At times the iPhone storage can get nearly full and in such a situation if you don’t want images to display anywhere else on the iPhone, another alternative is to abandon iCloud’s photo solution in preference of third-party cloud storage to backup all iPhone images.

There are several iCloud solutions available, including Google Photos, OneDrive, DropBox and others. By uploading, the iPhone photographs will be securely saved in the cloud, and you may now remove them from the iPhone without deleting them from the iCloud. All such alternatives are reliable and will securely store your data.

Disable iCloud photo library

iCloud Photo Library is a service that allows you to sync the photo library across all of your devices. Whatever you do to a photo on the iOS device is replicated to iCloud and any other iOS devices or Macs that have the library activated once this functionality is activated.

Also, when you delete photographs from the iPhone, they are erased from the iCloud account. Hence, if you want to delete images from your iPhone but not from iCloud, the first and most obvious approach is to switch off the iCloud Photo Library altogether. You may make it by following these steps-

  • On the iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Select iCloud under your name.
  • Select “Photos” from the menu.
  • The “iCloud Photo” option should be turned off.

You may now easily remove pictures from the iPhone without the worry of getting delete from iCloud. Also, remember that This is not a permanent solution; if you activate iCloud Photo Library again, the photographs you deleted from your iPhone will be erased from iCloud as well. So, this technique is only useful if you wish to keep the two libraries separated in a permanent manner.

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Sync iPhone Photographs from computer

If you enable iCloud Photo Library, the iPhone photographs will sync to iCloud, and you will be able to view synchronized images from all your iOS devices registered with the same Apple ID. As a result, when you delete the image from the iPhone, it will also be deleted from iCloud as well as other Apple devices.

Thus, it might appear that deleting photographs from an iPhone, but not from iCloud, is next to impossible. But do not get disheartened as you can accomplish it by making some adjustments. The purpose is to sync iPhone photographs to iCloud via a computer rather than directly from the iPhone. Follow the steps given below to proceed-

  • Save all iPhone images to your PC.
  • Remove them from the iPhone’s memory.
  • Manually upload these images from the PC to the iCloud service.

All these three steps might seem very simple but, completing them might be a tough task. In this situation, you may easily make it with the help of any iOS software program that allows you to effortlessly transfer all of your iPhone photographs to your computer and upload photos from your PC.

Opt to Sign out of iCloud

Using the iCloud application, you can have the option to delete images from your iPhone but not from your iCloud photo library. So now iPhone users can effectively remove images from iPhone and not from iCloud in this manner; however, you will need to sign out of your iCloud account before removing the images from the device. By doing so, you can simply remove photos off your iPhone and not from iCloud. Follow the steps below to sign out of iCloud-

  • On the iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘iCloud.’
  • Now press the ‘Sign Out button.
  • To verify, click on the ‘Sign Out’ one again.

You will be asked whether you wish to delete it or retain it on the iPhone. Decide to keep it. As a result, you will be able to successfully delete images from your iPhone but not from iCloud.

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