How to Erase Content and Settings from iOS devices?

The majority of individuals want to have the most recent model of any technology, such as a cell phone. For most individuals, owning the most up-to-date model. Those on a tight budget, on the other hand, may still obtain the latest smartphones by trading in or trying to sell their old phone to balance the cost of the new ones.

If you are gifting your old iPhone to a member of the family or trading it, one of the first tasks you should do is erase all of the data and personal settings off of it. Why should we do so? Well, since virtually everything on that phone is private to you, including your contacts, messages, photographs, and other material, as well as your login details and other account information, you should erase it to avoid any leak of data and avoid an unwanted situation.

What will happen if you erase Content and Settings from iOS devices?

When you erase the content and settings from iOS devices, it implies that following the activity, all personal information and settings are erased. It’s not that you cannot trust your friends or family members, but why put them in the position of having to keep the information safe when there are simpler methods to do so? The best approach would be to erase all of it and restore the device’s configuration to the previous state.

Once you erase the data and settings on the iPhone, it will be no longer visible. Based on whatever method you choose. The data may be exposed to data recovery applications. Apparently, there are a few methods to achieve this, but before we get into the details, the first thing you need to do is make a complete backup of all the data present on that iPhone. In this article, ways to erase documents and data from your iPhone are discussed and also elaborated on documents and data.

What is meant by documents and data on iPhone?

In most situations, trash files, browser history, cookies, logs, cache files, photographs and videos, downloaded documents, etc make up the iPhone’s documents and data, and there are two types of documents and data which include-

  • Documents and data that you have saved. Dropbox, (cloud) drives, and other tools.
  • The data is saved by the installed programs. These documents and data eat up the majority of the data storage capacity needlessly even without your knowledge.
  • It can be addressed by stating that the majority of installed apps are only a few tens of megabytes in size. Nevertheless, we often overlook the fact that it is not just the application that takes up lots of space on the iPhone.

How can you erase Content and Settings from iOS devices?

Various methods to erase Content and Settings from iOS devices are mentioned here-

Find my iPhone Application or iCloud

In case you have enabled Find My iPhone, you may use another mobile device to perform the same thing. You may implement it by using the Find My Phone app on some other device or by navigating to iCloud on a smartphone or computer. You should have the phone turned on and linked to the web after checking in with the Apple ID.

You will be able to view the iPhone from the other device when you click on the button. The map will zoom in and reveal the device when you touch it. Then choose the “Erase this Phone” from the Actions menu at the end of the display.

iPhone settings

The quickest method to fix this issue is to go to the Settings section on the iPhone. To remove all content and settings, click to Settings >> Reset and then select the Erase All Content and Settings option.

While this approach is easy to perform, it may not be sufficient to solve the overall issue. For instance, there might be bits of confidential material that aren’t erased, making them available to the person who uses the iDevice after you.

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Permanently erase via Software

Is it erase Content and Settings from iOS devices? Is there really a different option? Would you like to erase every last trace of your data from the device? Well, you can use software that is easily accessible to erase the data from your iPhone permanently. FoneDog – iOS Data Eraser, for example, will let you remove all of your critical files from your iPhone and ensure that your phone’s identity and contents are always protected. TunesBro iOS Content Wiper can also be useful. You may pick from five different sorts of data erasure procedures.

The most essential aspect is that after running this software, it is difficult to reverse even a single byte of data. Each approach has its own set of capabilities, but if you want to erase information and settings from the iPhone, you may test the free version to see how the program works and what information you can erase.

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