How to free up iPhone & iPad storage using iOS and iPadOS Settings?

Each iPhone and iPad model has a storage space that ranges from 16 GB to 512 GB for the iPhone and 16 GB to 1TB for the iPad. Whereas it is always a smart option to acquire the largest storage device you can purchase, but even the largest storage devices may fill up over time, and it normally occurs when you least expect it.

All of the personal material, from the music and the applications you download to the photographs and the conversations you make, will be on the iPhone or iPad. And there is no way to expand the storage on your iPhone or iPad once it is full. You may, however, free up iPhone current storage space.

Apple introduced a storage suggestion function with macOS. Beginning with Sierra and extending through current versions. It enables users to transfer specific items to the iCloud, highlights any huge files that haven’t been visited in a long time so users can select what to preserve and what to discard, and has two excellent choices for reducing cluttering and optimizing capacity.

Ways to free up iPhone & iPad storage using iOS and iPadOS Settings

Offload Applications

Transferring applications is the finest storage-saving method Apple provides with iPadOS and iOS 11+. Apple has finally responded to customer demands for information on how to clear up space without losing anything! Rather than uninstalling applications, Apple allows you to transfer them, which essentially means relocating them to the cloud until you need or want those later.

Follow the steps below to free up iPhone & iPad storage without deleting your apps-

  1. Go to Settings, click on General and then on iPhone Storage.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the app list.
  3. Wait for the data to populate–it might take a little time.
  4. Examine the applications on the list. They are shown in order of how much space they require and give you a glimpse of when they were last utilized.
  5. When you find an application that appears to be taking up a lot of space and you have not used it in a long time, touch it to get more details.
  6. Examine the App Size and files & data sections for further insight.
  7. Check for the choice to Offload App if the app size is big.
  8. While offloading an application, it eliminates it but preserves all user-inputted data, so when you reinstall it, all your information is restored–as if you never deleted the app.
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Reduce text message storage

Messages have several excellent features for saving space. iMessages in iCloud is a function that works across all Apple ID-enabled iOS and Macs.

If you do not like to use iCloud to keep your messages, iOS and iPadOS provide a set of features to help you conserve space through texting.

  1. Go to Settings, click on the General option and then tap on the storage option.
  2. Scroll to the bottom till you find Messages in the app list.
  3. Whenever you open Messages, you will get a list of ideas for how to free up iPhone space in the app.
  4. The first one is Review Huge Attachments, which allows you to browse through large attachments and choose whatever you need or do not require.
  5. The second option is to have Auto Delete Old Messages that you have not viewed in a while–turning this on will delete any texts and attachments sent or received more than a year ago.
  6. After you have saved any attachments or discussions you wish to keep for later, switch on this function.

Apple recognizes that several users struggle to manage storage on their smartphones and therefore, with each new version of iOS, it has included more features to enable people to keep track of the apps and media that take up valuable gigabytes. Click the General and then click iPhone/iPad Storage from the Settings app, and the quantity of storage space you have utilized is displayed in a color-coded bar.

Placing Messages on iCloud should make a significant impact on the in-house iPhone/iPad storage demands for those of us who do not have a lot of capacity for all those Messages and their accompanying photos, as well as other files.

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