How do you know why Hey Siri not working on iOS 14? Fix it now!

Hey Siri is one of the numerous new features that Apple consumers have found when upgrading their iPhone operating system to iOS 8. Siri is an artificial intelligence assistant program incorporated into Apple’s iOS system. For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, as well as other iOS devices, Siri is Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant. “Hey Siri” is frequently the most suitable way for setting an alarm, recording a reminder, or searching for information.

Simultaneously, the program employs natural language processing technology to enable natural communication between iOS devices and users. People have recently claimed that iPhone 11 Pro/11 Hey Siri not working with iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/11/11 PRO/12, which is inconvenient.

When Siri is switched on, but if you are having trouble getting Siri to wake up, press and hold the iPhone Home button and the Side/Power button in iOS after the newest iOS update. Relax and do not stress out. This type of problem might occur as a result of minor changes to the software’s settings. Let’s look at what is causing Siri to stop working.

First thing you need to double-check a few things before we begin fixing since Hey Siri will not operate if the following requirements are not satisfied.

  • Please ensure your gadget is not turned on its side.
  • Keep in mind that your iPhone/iPad case’s Smart Cover is shut.
  • If you are using an iPhone 6, iPad, or iPod touch, ensure you are connected to a power source.
  • Check to see if the device is in Low Power Mode. If the battery does not have sufficient power, then the issue of Hey Siri not working will persist.

Ways to fix the issue of Hey Siri not working on iOS 14

Force restart the iPad or iPhone

A forced reset of the iPhone may help. The methods to hard reset the iPhone/iPad are outlined in detail below. Users of the iPhone 12/11/X, iPhone 8/8 Plus: Long hold the Side button after pressing and releasing the Volume up and Volume down buttons until the screen goes off and the Apple logo screen appears.

Operators of the iPhone 7/7 Plus should hold down the Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until the device reboots. For iPad users with an iPhone 6/6s or earlier, hold down the Power and press the Sleep/Wake buttons together until the Apple logo screen is in view.

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Verify Siri’s language

For Siri to interpret your instructions and reply appropriately, you must pick the appropriate language. Go to the Language option in Settings, then click on General, tap Siri, and select the language you speak. Ensure that you do not select the language you want Siri to speak back to you, so be careful while you select the language.

Test the Microphone

Siri may not detect or respond to you if the microphones on the iPhone fail. Make sure the microphones are cleaned and unobstructed. We recommend cleaning the microphones with a gentle toothbrush and removing any screen protectors or cases that could be covering the microphone before trying to use Siri again.

If the iPhone microphone is not picking up your voice regularly, try the steps below to repair it. One way is to blast compressed air around the port using a can. Another option is to remove the iPhone cover to prevent voice recording from being obstructed. Please attempt the other options if the issue appears after performing the procedure.

Check Internet Connection

To a significant extent, “Hey Siri” relies on stable network connectivity. Siri may say, “Try once more in a little while” if you are not connected to the Internet. You will need to verify your Internet connection in this instance. Firstly, try turning on Airplane Mode. All Cellular dates and Wi-Fi will be blocked as a result of this. Turn off Airplane Mode after a time to determine if the “Hey Siri” not responding issue has been resolved or not.

Disable low power mode

When Low Power Mode is enabled, several apps, such as Hey Siri, Background app refresh, Email fetch, Auto downloads, and various visual effects, will not operate in order to reduce the amount of power used by the iPhone. As a result, while your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, the issue of Hey Siri not working will arise. You must disable it by going to Settings and then click on Battery.

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