How do you fix the issue of the iPad dock disappearing?

For certain iOS iPad users, the iPad dock continues disappearing, causing them to reset their devices numerous times every day. The macOS Dock is a great tool to quickly and efficiently access your preferred apps. However, if you are having trouble keeping it around, there are a few things you may do to fix it.

It is crucial to know that the Dock will not appear if you are on full screen. To do so, use the “Esc” key and then the green button in the upper left corner to turn off full-screen viewing. If your Dock is configured to hide regularly, move the cursor over the bottom border of the display and see if it returns.

Reasons that lead to iPad dock disappearing

Right after watching ads on their iPad, the majority of users have experienced the iPad dock keeps disappearing problem. Watching some advertisements may cause the iPad’s native resolution settings to be affected.

The same issue has been reported by several users after watching videos. Surprisingly, this problem appears to be more frequent on devices that have recently updated iPadOS editions.

The iPad dock disappearing issue might arise when you alter the screen resolution or any other configuration on the iPad.

Ways to fix the issue of iPad dock disappearing

Right Click on Dock

The Hide setting may be accessed by right-clicking on the dock itself. You will have to locate the vertical line on the right-hand side that divides the programs from the Downloads and Trash area, as there are already icons for numerous applications in there.

When you hover your mouse over this, it will transform into a double-ended arrow. Right-click to activate the quick settings menu when you see it. Turn Hiding Off is an option you will see in there as well. Once you tick this box, your Dock will remain visible on the screen even when you’re not in full-screen view mode.

System Preferences

Utilizing System Preferences is the easiest approach to change the Dock’s properties. Click System Preferences from the menu after clicking the Apple symbol in the top-left corner of the display.

On the top line of the screen that displays, between Desktop & Screen Saver and Mission Control, you will see an option for the Dock. Select it by clicking on it. You will also be able to customize the Dock’s appearance, such as its size and location on the display. At the bottom of the screen, there is a series of tick boxes.

The ‘Automatically conceal and reveal the Dock’ option is one you will discover here. Make sure it is unticked, and the Dock should now be available at all times but you choose to make any app in full-screen view mode iPad dock disappearing will continue.

Hard Reboot

In case nothing seems to work you can opt for a hard reboot. It is simple and can be done in three easy steps. Here are the instructions to proceed for a hard restart:

  • First, go to General, and then head to Settings.
  • Choose “Shut Down” from the menu.
  • Next, while holding down the top button, restart the iPad once again.

Avoid using problematic applications

The majority of users who have had issues with their iPad dock may relate the problem to the use of specific apps. Keep track of what you have done every time your dock vanishes, and try to pin down a list of possible possibilities.

If you notice that using these applications causes the dock to disappear frequently; you may want to avoid using them for the moment and keep away the issue of the iPad dock disappearing.

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Restore to factory settings

Since the iPad dock glitch has not yet affected all iPads, you might be able to save more misery by fully recovering the device. But always keep in mind that there is no assurance that this will help. As a result, we only advocate it if you have tried all other options and cannot wait anymore for a solution. You must make a backup before you restore the iPad to factory settings since it deletes all of the data.

When you are prepared, restore the iPad by following the instructions listed here:

  1. Reset your device by going to Settings, then click on General and the Reset option.
  2. Next, delete All Content and Settings.
  3. Whenever you solve any serious problem, make sure you have a backup of your device. Maintaining frequent backups can also reduce the likelihood of losing crucial data in the event of an unforeseen error. We are certain that the techniques outlined in this article will assist in resolving the iPad dock disappearing problem.

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