What is new about iPadOS 15?

iPad owners will be able to install iPadOS 15, the 2021 operating system upgrade, later this year, and due to Apple’s WWDC 2021 commencement speech, users are eventually going to learn all about the next upgrades. The new iPadOS, which is a companion upgrade to iOS 15, offers many of the same capabilities as iOS 15, but with a few enhancements that enhance most of the tablet aspect.

Although it appears like iPadOS 15 is not a major upgrade for Apple iPads, instead of focusing on enhancing iPadOS 14 capabilities and introducing a few that were strangely omitted from 2020’s update despite being available on iPhone, some users may enjoy one or two of the enhancements. Whereas a developer beta was available soon after WWDC 2021, the public beta was released at the end of June. Anyone with an iPadOS 15-compatible gadget may now simply download the public beta for free. Make sure that while public betas are more reliable than developer betas, they can still be troublesome.

What is the release date of iPadOS 15?

Apple has stated that iPadOS 15 will be available for compatible iPads in Autumn 2021 – probably September or October when the next iPad 10.2 is expected to be released. A developer beta after WWDC 2021 and a public beta were launched at the end of June.

What are the new features of iPadOS 15?

Every year now, iPadOS, Apple’s tablet operating system, includes nearly all of the new capabilities seen in iOS. That isn’t changing here, but iPadOS is gaining some new techniques of its own. Which is the most visually appealing? Widgets may be placed anywhere on the home screen, much like on an iPhone. Sounds cool?

Multi-tasking gets a significant hit thanks to a new menu at the top of the screen that allows you easily choose between Split View and Slide Over without having to swipe. When you click it in any application, it will shift to the far right, allowing you to see the home screen and select another app to launch beside it. Scroll to the bottom of an app to select anything less from the home screen when you wish to swap applications.

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Some of the other features of iPadOS 15 include:

Quick notes and organizing tags

With new capabilities that make life simpler to record and organize thoughts, note-making on the iPad gets much better. Quick Note, a convenient and simple way to take notes just about anywhere in the device, is now available in Notes. Even if you are looking for a restaurant on Yelp or exploring Safari. There are also new methods to organize, communicate, and collect data in Notes.


Widgets were included in iOS 14, but for some reason, they were restricted to the home screen in a panel on the left. This was not the situation with iPhones, making the iPad widgets difficult to utilize. But unlike before, in iPadOS 15 you can place anywhere you wish.

SharePlay and FaceTime

Apple’s video-calling application has some of the most significant updates, transforming it into a conferencing service similar to Google Meet, Zoom, etc. For instance, there is a multi-person chat grid layout that functions similarly to Zoom’s conference calls. There is a Portrait option, which works similarly to the Camera app’s Portrait mode in that it retains your face in focus while blurring away your cluttered environment in the backdrop.

Users can also add FaceTime links to the calendar so that you may post and invite people to a video conversation. Even when you are using an Android phone or a Windows computer, those with the link can connect such calls using Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge search engine, and the calls will still be secured.

Live text and photo memories

Live Text is one of the most interesting additions in iOS 15, and it’s linked to improvements in Apple’s computer vision capabilities. When you direct your camera app at something containing text, it will emphasize it, allowing you to simply copy and paste it into another app. Move your finger over any line of text in your Photos collection to copy it.

You may click it since Live Text turns it into a link. Contact details and addresses appear on the phone dialer and Maps, respectively. The connection with Apple Music and the Photos app is a touch unusual. iDevice users can see a new version of Memories when you launch the Photos application.

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