How do I fix the issue of iPhone/iPad Can’t Update iOS 11/12/13?

Although upgrading iOS 11/12/13 is typically simple, there are a few issues that might arise. Probably your know might have already updated the most recent version of iOS, but you still cannot see it listed as an option under Software Upgrade. In other instances, you possibly tried to update iOS but it would not install.

At times it might happen that your iPhone got stuck during the update process or most probably, your iPhone may have failed or run out of battery power in the middle of the installation, leading you to lose data.

In this article, we will explore the most frequent issues users face while upgrading their iPhones.

Ways to fix the issue of iPhone/iPad Can’t Update iOS 11/12/13

Software update problems can be regarded as a frequent factor in such issues while the nature of the problem differs from user to user. Some individuals may have difficulty beginning the update owing to low battery, while others may have had their devices damaged during a current upgrade. There are many reasons why these issues arise, varying from a lack of storage capacity to damaged update data.

You may use these simple troubleshooting ways to determine the reason and execute the software update on the iPhone or iPad, irrespective of the specific update-related difficulty you are presently experiencing on the device.

Restart the iPad/iPhone

Restarting the iPad/iPhone is the most basic step in resolving the issue of iPhone/iPad cannot update iOS and it is known to have gained results in most cases. We suggest so because the problem you’re having is most likely simply a minor software malfunction that can be fixed with a simple restart of the device. All you need to do is a turn-off and, on the iPhone, or iPad. Try installing after you have restarted the iPad/iPhone and check whether it begins without any problems this time.

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Check iPhone storage

The software update files that the iPhone and iPad download from Apple’s servers requires adequate storage space. If you do not have enough storage space on your device, you will have trouble upgrading. For best device performance, it is advised to set aside at least 10-15% of total storage capacity as available space to avoid any issue.

Since the files are deleted after the installation is finished, this free space can be utilized for software updates temporarily. Simply go to Settings, then click on General and tap on iPhone/iPad Storage on the device to check the available storage capacity.

Connect to the charger

Many consumers appear to be unaware that to perform a software update, their iPhones and iPads must have at minimum 50% battery life remaining. However, 50 percent is the absolute minimum, it is recommended to have at least 55 percent battery as it takes time for the device to set up for the update, and the battery percentage might significantly decrease. To avoid any situation, reconnect the iPhone or iPad to the charger if the battery is low, and then try installing the software update once more.

Delete update file and re-download

When none of the preceding procedures worked and you are still stuck with the update iOS issue, the update file is probably damaged. It might be due to a variety of causes, including repeated internet outages while your device was downloading the update. In either case, just remove the corrupted update file and resume the update.

To uninstall the iOS/iPadOS update file, head to Settings -> General -> iPhone/iPad Storage and select the update file from the list of applications that are utilizing your storage capacity.

Check connectivity

If you get an error message indicating the device can’t check for new updates when in the Software Update menu, the first step you should do is to ensure that you are connected to the internet. As you may not be able to install updates over an unstable mobile network. Therefore, it is best to be linked to a Wi-Fi network. Simply launch Safari on the smartphone and see if the online pages load swiftly. Otherwise, you already know why you cannot upgrade the device.

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