How to fix my iPhone not getting text notifications issue?

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular mobile smartphones on the market. It is an iOS gadget that can send and receive messages, make calls, send and receive emails, take photographs and videos, and much more. It can also execute programs that you may utilize in your daily activities.

When the iPhone’s push notifications stop functioning, we tend to miss out on a lot of texts, calls, emails, and events. It occurs because when we receive a new call, message, or email, we do not receive a pop-up on the iPhone screen, or the iPhone does not light up. As a result, both personal and professional work gets affected. The methods below will help you find why the iPhone not getting text notifications and ways to resolve it.

Ways to fix your iPhone not getting text notifications issue

Verify notification settings

The issue of the iPhone not getting text notifications or informing users of text messages can often be caused by the device’s notification settings, such as sound and banners. To switch from temporary to persistent alerts and advertisements, enable notifications. Temporary banners let the message notifications disappear for a limited period, but persistent banners compel you to take some action before the message notifications vanish. Follow the steps below-

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Go to the Messages tab.
  3. Activate the Allow Notifications option. To switch it on, slide from left to right.
  4. Activate the three options in the Alerts section which includes Show on Lock Screen, Show in History, and Show as Banners. Switch the options on and off by sliding them from left to right.
  5. Select Sounds.
  6. Choose your preferred notification sound.
  7. Next, select the Persistent option from the Alerts section.
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Restart the iPhone

When you have an issue with the iPhone not getting text notifications, you should try to reset it. Many small issues and difficulties can be resolved by restarting your iPhone, and it will not affect the phone even if it does not succeed. Follow the instructions below-

  1. For a few moments, hold down one of the Volume buttons as well as press the Side button.
  2. To switch the iPhone off, move the slider to the off position.
  3. To turn the iPhone on, tap and hold the Side button once more.

When you switch off the iPhone, all background processes come to a halt. Several of them are started by the OS and might create problems with the device. When you turn the iPhone off and on again, or when you hard restart it, it starts up properly and begins over.

Check the Do Not Disturb mode

DND, or Do Not Disturb, is a great feature that iOS provides. Users can turn off alerts and calls whenever they wish, except receiving calls from chosen (preferred) contacts, using this function. However, if this function is switched on unintentionally or by accident, it might cause iPhone alerts to stop working.

In case you see a moon-like icon at the top of the Home Screen, it indicates that the function is turned on. DND may be turned off by going to the Settings option, there click on Do Not Disturb, and then Turn off. When you switch off DND, the iPhone’s push notifications will begin to work and resolve the text notifications issue.

Check the network

To enable all of your Apps and their push notifications, you will need a steady connection to the network. You will not receive alerts immediately until the iPhone is linked to a stable Wi-Fi network or cellular connection.

  1. To link to a Wi-Fi network, go to the Settings, next click on Wi-Fi, now tap the ‘Turn it on’ option, then choose the chosen network and access it by entering the password.
  2. Click Settings > click on Mobile Data > turn it on to activate the Mobile Data (if you have an activated data plan).

If your internet connection is not stable while traveling due to a network issue, wait until you locate a decent network and then try again.

Repair options

Notifications on the iPhone do not function most of the time due to a software bug or a misconfigured configuration. Although, there is a slight risk that the antenna that links the iPhone to Wi-Fi and cellular networks is damaged, particularly if you have had connectivity problems with the iPhone to wireless networks lately.

In case, the iPhone is protected by AppleCare, contact Apple support or make an appointment at an Apple Store near you to resolve the text notifications issue at the earliest.

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