Why does the iPhone say no SIM card and how can I resolve it?

What should you do if the iPhone suddenly claims to have no SIM card, or that the SIM card is invalid or has failed? This is a common question among iPhone owners, and it may occur on any version of the iPhone. You won’t be able to send and receive text messages, make calls, or utilize the mobile network if one of the problem notifications previously described appears. Several individuals are curious as to why these problems exist.

These notifications might arise for a range of factors. One of them might be a bug in the program. One of its issues may appear if the SIM card is broken or not correctly inserted. The problem may arise after an iOS upgrade, if the smartphone has been broken, or if it has been found in water. Before proceeding the first step you need to do is check with the operator to see if your plan is still valid. When everything is in place and the service’s plan is operational, try the methods listed here.

Why does the iPhone say No SIM card?

In rare cases, the iPhone does not send a notification informing you that you do not have a SIM card. Additional signs that the iPhone may be experiencing a SIM issue include-

  • NO SIM card, Scanning, Invalid SIM, or Insert SIM appear mostly on iPhone.
  • At the top of the display, the signal dots/bars and the provider name will be absent.

There are several reasons why your iPhone continues telling you that you don’t have a SIM card. These are some of the causes is that the iPhone does not recognize your SIM card. The SIM card may get partially detached in rare cases. You may also encounter the iPhone no SIM card issue if the device software or carrier settings are out of service.

How to remove SIM card from iPhone?

Remove the iPhone from its cover and search for a rectangular patch on the iPhone’s side. This is the SIM tray, which contains the SIM card. By using the SIM tool that comes with the iPhone or a straight paperclip, extract the SIM tray. Insert the end of the tray into the tiny hole until it comes out. It just protrudes a small amount, but that’s enough to grip and drag it out.

How can I resolve the issue of the iPhone saying No SIM card?

The most prevalent Sim-related difficulties on the iPhone are the No Sim Card message. We’ll go through a few possible solutions for you to consider in order to ultimately eliminate this bothersome error notification.

Restart your iPhone

Remember the last time you restarted the smartphone or tablet? You’re probably aware that phones may behave oddly occasionally. Even if the SIM card is in the tray, the iPhone says No Sim Card. It implies that the device isn’t recognizing the card for whatever reason. The issue can be resolved with a simple restart. Press and hold the wake/sleep button until the slider shows, then move it.

Test and verify the SIM card

When the iPhone still claims it doesn’t have a SIM card, there might be a hardware issue. Try to insert a SIM card from another cell phone that you know functions well, is one method to test this. Ensure that you’re using the right size for the phone, which includes standard, nanoSIM, or microSIM.

If the No SIM Card Installed message goes away after you add another SIM, your iPhone SIM is damaged for sure.

Update iOS

Whenever a new update of iOS is available, it may be able to assist you in resolving the iPhone stating no SIM issue. iOS upgrades provide bug fixes in addition to new and enhanced functionality. It’s not unusual for iOS issues to be to blame for the iPhone’s lack of a SIM card. Follow these instructions to upgrade iOS-

  • To update the software, go to Settings, then click on General and Software Update.
  • Next, click download and install if an iOS update is available.
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Airplane Mode

Switching Airplane Mode on and off is likely to reset the device’s cellular data connection. This may be useful in resolving the iPhone’s “no SIM card” problem. Read the instructions below to activate Airplane Mode-

  • To access the Control Center, slide from the bottom of the screen. You’ll have to slide down from the top-right side on iPhone X and later.
  • Turn on Airplane mode by tapping the Airplane Mode icon.
  • Switch off Airplane Mode after roughly ten seconds by tapping the symbol. Verify to see if your issue has been resolved or not.

Reach out to Apple or the wireless carrier

When the iPhone has a cellular glitch, Apple and your wireless provider will frequently blame each other and show the error message no SIM card. The fact is that there might be a problem with the iPhone or the wireless carrier’s service, and you won’t know unless you contact their customer care. To obtain help online, in-store, over a call, or via live chat, go to Apple’s official site. Search the carrier’s name and “customer support” into Google to locate their customer care center.

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