How to fix the issue of iOS iPhone Visual Voicemail not working?

Although iPhone visual voicemail isn’t as popular as it used to be, it’s still a valuable function that allows you to hear voice messages when you can’t answer a call. It can be disappointing if voicemail automatically disconnects after you have become accustomed to it receiving your messages.

Is it possible that your iPhone visual voicemail isn’t functioning for no clear reason? If that’s the case, you’re not the only one! For many of us, being able to examine voicemail on a regular basis is essential, particularly for those significant calls that we tend to miss receiving at times, fortunately, there are numerous solutions to it as well.

What is iPhone Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail displays a list of all the voicemail messages, allowing you to select which ones to hear right away, afterward, share with others, or erase. You may also be able to view transcripts of the voicemail messages using iOS’ voicemail-to-text function, depending on the region. Did you know? The visual voicemail messages may also be saved as notes or voice memos or shared with applications like Messages, Mail, or Airdrop.

In case you do not quite like the voicemail transcription you might wish to turn it off, but apparently, there is no such method to turn off or off Voicemail Transcription on the iPhone right now.

Solutions to fix the issue of iOS iPhone Visual Voicemail not working

Visual Voicemail is usually unavailable due to a network connectivity issue. So, to ensure that the network is in good functioning order, you should inspect everything connected to the iPhone’s data connection.

Check Voicemail set up

It is indeed important to understand if voicemail is set up in the first place. Certain upgrades may cause new problems by changing or resetting your settings. So, before you go any further, open Phone and go to the Voicemail page to make sure your voicemail is established.

Opt for airplane mode

Since this voicemail issue is caused by a damaged network, the most likely solution is to toggle on and off airplane mode. In fact, this approach has been widely used by iPhone users to resolve network problems. To proceed, turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off after around 20 seconds by clicking on Settings.

After a few moments, try accessing Visual Voicemail again. But first, visit a page in a browser to see if your network is up and running, as only then will you be able to determine which portion of the network is dysfunctional.

Network settings reset

Reset the iPhone’s network settings to factory defaults. However, you should be aware that this approach will remove all Wi-Fi passwords. If you have not entered your passwords manually in a long time and have forgotten them, write them down. The steps to reset network settings are as follows-

  • To activate the network settings reset, go to Settings.
  • Next click on General >> Reset
  • Then tap the Reset Network Settings option and input the passcode.

Disable wi-fi on iPhone

When some users temporarily deactivated Wi-Fi on their iPhones, they were able to solve their voicemail problems. Try the steps below-

  • Go over to the Control Center and click the Wi-Fi icon to switch off Wi-Fi. Consider using voicemail now.
  • One may also turn off Wi-Fi by going to Settings Wi-Fi and then try using voicemail once again.

Voicemail password reset

You may also try resetting the voicemail password if your voicemail isn’t responding on the iPhone. You can do so by going to the carrier’s website or calling customer care for help. Several network providers also have a service that enables you to do so. You can also change the password for your voicemail under Settings. Follow the steps below-

  • Reset the password for your voicemail by going to Settings > Phone and then click on the Change Voicemail Password option.
  • Type in your new password.
  • You will need to contact the wireless provider if you forget the current voicemail password.

Restart iPhone

Usually, you need to restart the iPhone after installing a new iOS version update. You may use it to repair a variety of iOS difficulties, such as iPhone Touch ID not functioning and other related issues, as well as the visible voicemail problem.

For iPhone 7 users, hold the Home and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo displays. For iPhone 8/X, simply press the Volume-up button and volume-down button (one step at a time) till you see the Apple logo; next, tap and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

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