Is M1 MacBook Pro worth the wait?

Apple has made the headlines with its new M1-powered MacBooks. The M1 Chip included in the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini boosts productivity and economy, signaling a break from Intel as Apple now manufactures its own silicon. Instead of relying on a third party, it lets the firm optimize the whole Mac to match its idea of how the program should be.

As per the speculations, this is going to be a great year for the MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pros are rumored to have an entirely new design and will be offered in 14-inch and 16-inch screen sizes with revolutionary mini-LED display technology. Should you get a new M1 Mac or continue with the Intel-based MacBooks that are still available at the Apple Store? All details and more are discussed here.

Is the M1 chip faster than Intel-based MacBooks?

While the M1 chip test computers are still in their trial period, all early signs are that the new chip has some power, and not just that the M1 Macs are receiving excellent reviews.

Apple built the M1 System on a Chip (SoC) with the memory integrated onto the board, a feature it calls Unified Memory Architecture, that speeds up data transmission while also improving overall performance. Mac OS X Big Sur was created from the bottom up with M1 in mind, thus software optimization is undoubtedly a factor.

Should I buy the MacBook Pro or wait for some time for M1 MacBook Pro?

Apple is selling MacBook Pros that are equipped with both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs. Inside, the ‘entry-level’ 13-inch MacBook Pro has equipped two Thunderbolt connectors along with an Apple M1 processor. A 13-inch Intel-powered MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt connectors or a 16-inch Intel-powered MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt connectors are also available.

The M1 MacBook Pro, as demonstrated by benchmarks and real-world tests, is an extraordinarily powerful computer that can outperform almost any Intel processor found in the higher-end of both 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. With much more efficient CPUs, a redesigned design, more ports, and new display technologies, Apple’s next Silicon MacBook Pros will be a defining moment for the organization. Many of the capabilities of macOS Monterey are only available on Apple Silicon Macs.

Is M1 the future of Apple?

You can be confident that Intel MacBooks will be maintained for a bit longer, but Apple does not appear to have any strategies to implement them in the future. The brand has previously indicated that it plans to switch the whole Mac line up to its processors by 2022, which implies that the bulk of new features in future versions of macOS may be solely M1 chips.

With all of that in mind, it is worthwhile to consider how long you usually wait between Mac upgrades. In case it is in a duration of a couple of years, Intel could be a good buy, but if it is within four or five years, it is difficult to say how suitable they will be with macOS updates.

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Is M1 MacBook Pro a decent choice, if I have an old MacBook?

Having a Mac laptop that is been around for more than two or three years and you are planning to go for a change. Well, you will undoubtedly desire one of the new MacBooks. If you like and use MacBooks, but your current model is faulty, aging, or otherwise annoying, it is a near-certainty that you will look forward to a new M1 model.

The M1 chip will be a refreshing change for existing MacBook Air users, the smallest MacBook is now nearly as fast as the MacBook Pro, and is no longer the second-best option. Despite its compact design, it converts the Air into a near-pro-level laptop. If recent updates to the keyboard and much more modest hardware enhancements are not enough to get you to buy a new version, this would be the one to wait for.

While the new M1 MacBook Pro does not completely upgrade the performance of prior versions, it is noticeably quicker. Even if we continue to claim that the new M1 MacBook Pro is designed for the same sort of customers as the Intel-based MacBooks, such users will have a lot better experience with the M1.

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