What to do when Mac Keyboard is Not Working After Cleaning?

It’s nearly hard to perform anything productive with the Mac if the keyboard stops functioning. You will be unable to compose documents or use the browser. If the MacBook keyboard fails to work, the situation becomes considerably worse since you can’t just replace it. However, there are several popular Mac keyboard solutions that may be just what you’re searching for.

Is it really important to clean your Mac keyboard?

Did you know? Microbiologists have discovered that keyboards may store more microbes than a toilet seat. As a result, it’s critical to clean and sanitize the keyboard on a regular basis. If you have a Mac keyboard, you should use extreme caution when cleaning it to minimize inflicting any harm. You can maintain your MacBook keyboard hygienic and germ-free by shutting it off, using microfiber towels and disinfectant wipes, being careful, and avoiding getting fluid in any gaps.

Why is my Mac keyboard not working properly?

Macs are known for their seamless operation. While using it, although, software and hardware problems may arise. There’s a possibility the problem is caused by a bug or a wrongly changed setting. It’s also possible that dust or dirt bits are obstructing the key travel on a MacBook.

Some of the easy solutions to fix the issue of Mac Keyboard is Not Working After Cleaning

Reset SMC and PRAM

The PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) holds core values, while the SMC (System Management Controller) manages the CPU fan, Mac’s lighting, and keyboard. As a result, restoring them might solve the problem. Ensure to reset both, since merely resetting the SMC will not fix the issue.

Proper cleaning of Mac keyboard

It’s possible that dust and other debris under some Mac keyboard keys are causing them to stop operating. If you snack while working on the Mac, this is a probable situation to look in. Clearing beneath the keys could be the solution.

Place the MacBook or Mac keyboard vertically, at a 75o angle, if possible.
Blow or spray the keyboard or the non-functioning keys with pressurized air from a can. Then make a left-to-right movement.
Move your MacBook or keyboard first to the right, then to the left. Continue the procedure until you feel the dust or dirt is finally out.

Restart the MacBook

It may seem overly simplistic, yet we frequently overlook the value of a fresh start. Certain software settings or overheating might be to blame, especially if the gadget has been working nonstop for some time. Restarting the Mac will clear numerous settings and cure the problem with minimal effort.

Check Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth connection might potentially be the source of the problem. It’s possible that the keyboard is in perfect functioning order. Go to the Apple menu on the left side of the Mac screen to double-check. Select Bluetooth from the System Preferences menu. Verify to see if Bluetooth is enabled. If the keyboard is already linked with the Mac, it should appear under Devices. Start by removing the connected keyboard.

Remove recent applications from Mac

While it’s not common, the problem might have been caused by a newly installed or upgraded application. This can arise if the latest version isn’t stable, in which case you’ll have to uninstall the program to restore keyboard functioning. Follow the steps below to proceed-

  • From the Main Menu, click the Apple Icon and then About This Mac.
  • Select System Report from the Overview tab.
  • Locate and choose Installations beneath Software from the sidebar.
  • You’ll find a complete list of all applications installed on the MacBook, along with their installation/update dates. Proceed to the next stage now that you think you’ve discovered the source of the issue.

Ways to remove Applications from Mac

  • In Finder, go to the Side Bar and choose the App options.
  • Locate the app and move it to the Recycle Bin.
  • Now, click on Empty Bin to remove the program from the Mac permanently.

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In case the MacBook Air or Pro’s keyboard still not functioning or the issue continues, the best thing to do is get everything examined by a professional or Apple Customer Support. There might be hidden issues on the Mac keyboard that you aren’t aware of. It is better to have it examined and managed by a specialist.

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