The most common iOS 14 problems – Know how to fix ’em?

Every latest version of iOS brings with it plenty of problems and flaws, some of which are more serious than others, and iOS 14 is no exception. Most issues can be fixed in future software updates from Apple. This article will assist to understand if the troubles you are experiencing on your phone are known defects in iOS 14 as well as learn about alternatives and fixes you may attempt.

Fixing is not always that easy to keep in mind that you might need to do some investigation to figure out what is wrong with the iPhone or iPad. The issues you are having are likely due to anything other than iOS 14. Follow the guidelines mentioned here to fix some of the most common iOS 14 problems.

List of most common iOS 14 problems and ways to fix them

If you have updated to iOS 14.5 and the iPhone is not working, you need not worry as such errors are common after such a significant upgrade. Some of the most frequent iOS 14 problems on the iPhone that you could be experiencing following an update, such as a battery that lasts shorter, applications that don’t launch properly, and Wi-Fi issues.

iOS 14 problems with download

The first big issue is that you do not have the most recent iOS version. You can obtain the newest software upgrade if you have a compatible iPhone. Simply ensure that your iPhone is from the iPhone 6S generation or later.

To download the latest iOS version, you will need adequate space on the iPhone. If you have tried the beta version, go to Settings, click on General, next tap on Profiles, and remove the version.

Wi-Fi issue

After updating to iOS 14, multiple users complained about social media about the lost Wi-Fi connection. Whenever they put their iPhone in sleep mode, their connectivity is lost.

To resolve this situation, download Apple’s latest operating system version, iOS 14.0.1, which addresses the issues that prevent the iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Black screen problem

Mostly with the camera app viewfinder, the majority of iPhone 7 users have experienced a dark screen. Accessing Viewfinder on Snapchat or Instagram also results in a dark screen, according to users. To resolve this issue, you must update to iOS 14.0.1, which addresses this issue explicitly.

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Battery issue

Several customers have noticed that their battery drains more quickly after receiving the iOS upgrade. Even though it is uncertain if iOS 14 is the source of this issue, many people experience it whenever they upgrade to a new version of iOS. Previously when iOS 12 was released, the same issue occurred.

You can improve the battery life by switching off your phone’s auto-brightness function and leaving it on a low level, among other things. Additionally, you may disable Location services within certain applications. You may also go into settings and select Low Power Mode.

Notification issue on iPhone

The Messages app does not display alerts like it should, which is one of the more prevalent and bothersome issues noted by iPhone users using iOS 14. In certain situations, alerts may not display on the lock screen, and red badges do not appear on the app icon, in addition to a related issue causing Notifications to be missed.

As per the latest update, this is an issue that Apple has recognized and claims to have solved in the iOS 14.3 version. If you have seen this on your device, the first approach in resolving is to upgrade to iOS 14.3. If you are still not receiving Messages notifications when you should, there is no particular solution to attempt other than the fundamental fixes which include, restarting your phone and double-checking the notification settings.

Widget modification fail

One of the most important facets of iOS 14 was a redesigned home screen UI with resizable and stackable widgets. Some people were disappointed when they could not customize some widgets at their convenience, or when newly downloaded apps did not have any widgets. To fix the issue, open the concerned app and explore it. When you press the plus symbol after installing the app on the phone, a widget may appear in the list.

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