How to record calls on iPhone without jailbreak?

Apple has gone to considerable measures to ensure that your phone calls are kept private. For instance, when you make or receive a call, the audio cannot be sent over AirPlay to a recording application. It is also the reason the App Store has a noticeable scarcity of applications for recording phone calls.

For a long time, jailbroken users have been able to effectively record their phone calls. But the question remains that how can you record Calls on iPhone without Jailbreak? There are certain techniques that do not include jailbreaking the iPhone, and it operates with voicemail. Essentially, you’ll be utilizing your carrier’s voicemail as a voice recorder tool, with the recorded conversation being transferred from the Phone’s Voicemail menu. This method works for FaceTime calls, Wi-Fi Calling, as well as regular telephone conversations. It is important to note that it is your responsibility to inform the other party in advance if you want to record a conversation.

What are the things required to record calls on iPhone?

The prime factor is that your operator must allow the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail function as well as three-way calling. In addition, go to Settings Phone Call Waiting and turn off call waiting. Finally, the iPhone must be running iOS 9.0 or later, as older versions of iOS cannot export voice memo records as audio files. You may even use it on older iPhones.

Methods to record call on iPhone without jailbreak

Google Voice

In the United States and Canada, Google Voice is a free voicemail and call provider. You’ll get a free US phone number as well as a voicemail mailbox if you use the program. Calls inside the United States are free. However, calls to other countries are subject to charges. To use Google Voice, you must first register and create a profile with a Google account.

  • After finishing it, you may use Google Voice via the web or the free iOS application.
  • Next, log into the Google account and go to the Google Voice site.
  • You will be required to pick a Google Voice number on the following page by browsing for accessible numbers by city or postcode.
  • By tapping Select next to one of the suggested numbers, you may choose it.
  • On the following screen, select Verify after you have claimed the phone number. Confirmation entails providing your cell phone number. Inbox calls to the Google Voice number will be automatically redirected to this contact.
  • Click Send Code after entering the phone number in the box.
  • In the next section, type the code you got through SMS on your iPhone.
  • Confirm by clicking the verify button.

You will receive a notice confirming that the iPhone number has been successfully paired to your account. It will ring when someone reaches the Google Voice number from this one. To complete the setup, click the Finish option.

  • You also need to modify the Google Voice profile on the web before you may record calls on iPhone.
  • Select Calls on the Google Voice account’s Settings page.
  • Browse to Incoming call settings and switch it on. It is essential to complete the steps else, you won’t be able to record calls on iPhone without jailbreak.
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iPhone Speakerphone

You also can record phone calls by using iPhone’s speakerphone capability, which is probably the simplest and quickest method. You may then use another nearby device, including another iPhone, iPad, or software installed on the Mac, to record calls on iPhone.

To activate the speakerphone, follow these steps-

  • When you’re ready to make a call, press the Audio button on the iPhone’s display.
  • Then, click Speaker. If you’re using Bluetooth headphones, you will need to choose the iPhone speaker from the menu.
  • Ensure that the second device’s microphone is close to the iPhone and adjust the volume accordingly.
  • After you have finished recording the conversation, make sure to save it.

Is recording calls on iPhone without consent legal at your location?

It’s important to remember that recording phone calls on an iPhone without the specific agreement of the other person is unlawful in several states and nations. Here’s something to take into consideration if you want to record any phone calls since you might end yourself in legal problems or have the recording rejected as legal evidence in a trial.

To be safe, you also should make it clear to the other participant that you will be recording the conversation. A simple message should enough. It will be considered as permission if the other person continues on the phone after receiving the message.

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