How do you Restart or Reset Apple Watch?

In case the display on the Apple Watch becomes unresponsive, it is simplest to hard reset Apple Watch. It just takes a few seconds. If an Apple Watch, be it Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 5, etc abruptly stopped responding to taps and swipes, try restarting it first. Frequently, rebooting the watch will resolve the problem.

You may even switch off and reset your Apple Watch if you’re experiencing odd power consumption, irregular performance, or just want to preserve your battery for later. It’s the oldest technique when it comes to repairing, and it works on the Apple Watch as well. Here’s how to turn the Apple watch off normally and, if required, force it to reboot.

How to basic restart an Apple watch?

The methods for doing a basic restart on an Apple Watch are simple. Here are some instructions that you should follow-

  • Hold and press the Side Button down until the Power Off slider shows, then release it.
  • To switch off your smartwatch, move the slider.
  • Simply press the Side Button after the Apple Watch has switched off.

Know how to hard reset Apple watch?

Proceed with the following instructions to know how to hard reset the Apple watch-

  • Simultaneously press and hold down the side button and the Digital Crown at once. The revolving button on the side of the gadget is known as the Digital Crown.
  • Continue to hold down these two buttons until the Apple logo comes into view.

If your Apple Watch has a passcode, you’ll be requested to enter it once it resets. If you’re inclined towards forgetting your login details, make sure to note it down somewhere before initiating the hard reset. Or else if you happen to have forgotten your passcode, you’ll need to remove the device from your iPhone’s Watch application and recover it from a backup.

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Restart an Apple watch

  • Press the side button down until the display instructs you to turn off the gadget.
  • Move the Power Off slider with the finger.
  • You’ll need to push and press the side button till the Apple Watch comes back on after it has turned off.
  • The Apple Watch must not freeze often. If this happens frequently on an Apple Watch, you should look into alternative options including upgrading its software, updating the iPhone to the newest version of iOS, or starting again.

In case your Apple Watch continues to freeze, you should contact Customer support to see if there is a solution.

When should you Restart or Reset Apple Watch?

  • Apple logo on display: The Apple logo stuck issue, which only displays the Apple Logo on the screen while starting, may be recognizable to older iPhone owners. Multiple Apple Watch users have encountered the same issue, which may be resolved by doing a hard reset.
  • Crash or Freeze of Apps: Consider a reset if the Apple Watch is stuck on any Application screen or has crashed.
  • Manage Screen issue: Whenever the Apple Watch fails, you’ll notice the Manage screen with three dots appear. It might occur as a result of excessive use or as a result of too much hot or cold. When this screen shows, you are unable to proceed. As a result, the only options are to upgrade the software, restart, or reset your Apple Watch.
  • Sync issue: When linked to an iPhone, Apple Watch should be able to sync data in both directions. If it doesn’t work, simply try to reset the Apple Watch.
  • Connection issue: Examine to see if your GPS or cellular connection functionalities on WatchOS are functioning properly or not.

How can you reset the iCloud sync data?

If in any scenario the contacts or calendar content isn’t syncing smoothly, you may utilize an option in the Watch app to restart the connections. The contacts and calendars on the Apple Watch will be cleared and updated with the most recent iCloud sync from the iPhone when you activate this option.

Steps to follow to reset the iCloud sync data-

  • Click the Watch app on your phone.
  • Select the My Watch option.
  • Then, click on the General option.
  • Now, choose Reset.
  • Reset Sync Data by pressing the Reset Sync Data button.

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