How do you restore Apple watch backup?

Apple Watch backups are not automatic as standard iOS backups. Rather, your Apple Watch is synchronized with your iOS device, which is your iPhone. Backups of Apple Watches are taken automatically, generally once a day. Apart from unpairing and wiping the Watch, which may be a time-consuming procedure, there’s no easy method to force a Watch backup to happen instantly.

Also, if you delete the iPhone or the data on it, you will lose all of it. Hence, in order to completely backup the data, be sure that the data on the iPhone is also backed up to iCloud or iTunes. Follow the directions in this article if you are not sure how to proceed with Apple Watch backup and restore data.

What are the things added in an Apple watch backup?

The majority of the data, such as the following, will be backed up by the Apple Watch:

  • All customizations on the clock face
  • The app layout on the watch’s home screen.
  • App-specific data and settings will be included in the iPhone backup, so, ensure all of your applications are set to backup to iTunes or iCloud.
  • The apple watch brightness, haptic settings, and time zone are all part of the system settings.
  • Notification preferences.
  • All health and fitness information will be saved in the linked iPhone’s Health app.
  • All of the iPhone’s music and photo albums are synchronized.
  • Siri’s preferences, in case you have an Apple Watch 3 or newer version.

Certain things that are not included in an Apple watch backup

Even though you restore your Apple Watch from a backup, the following are not included in the backup and you will need to be set up afresh. The excluded things include:

  • Pairings through Bluetooth.
  • The passcode for your Apple Watch.
  • Synchronized playlists on the Apple Watch
  • Debit or Credit card data saved in Apple pay.

Ways to backup an Apple watch

As Apple Watch backup is linked to the iPhone, understanding how to do so on the enabled device also means learning how to back up the Apple Watch. Here’s how to use iCloud to back up your iPhone and, as a result, your Apple Watch:

  1. Open the iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Select the top area of the screen, which contains the Apple ID and iCloud preferences.
  3. Click iCloud and scroll to the bottom to iCloud Backup.
  4. It will offer you the choice of turning on automatic iCloud backup, which we suggest, as well as manually backing up the device.
  5. The current settings and data on the Apple Watch are included in the backup after you have backed up the iPhone.

In case you do not like to conduct a manual backup of the Apple Watch, there is another option. Whenever you disconnect the Apple Watch from your iPhone, the iPhone automatically backs up all settings and data. You will be able to sync over the backup when it’s time to link a new system/device.

Steps to follow to restore Apple watch backup

Make sure you have completed the instructions above before attempting to establish and restore Apple Watch from the most recent backup. All you have to do now is go through the Apple Watch setup procedure if you are certain that you have a recent backup of the watch data and settings via iPhone backup.

Follow the steps below to proceed:

  1. Go through the setup screens, which involves positioning the iPhone so that the Apple Watch is seen in the viewfinder of the camera,
  2. Next you need to pick a language, select the Apple Watch’s orientation, and then create a passcode.
  3. The Apple Watch will then prompt you either to set it up as a new device or recover it from an existing backup.
  4. Choose the option to restore from a previous backup. This one will be the most recent backup from the iPhone if executed properly.

How can you reset your Apple Watch?

The procedure to reset an Apple watch without the need for a passcode is as follows.

  1. Tap the watch crown to bring up the application menu, then pick the Settings icon to unpair and restore the Apple Watch from the watch itself (the small gear).
  2. Now click “General” and then on “Reset” from the settings.
  3. Click “Erase All Content and Settings” from the “Reset” option. If you have a passcode activated, you will be asked to enter it, and also informed that all media, information, and configuration will be wiped. To factory reset the device, click “Continue.”

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