How do you share your iPhone’s Location with your Android Friends and Family?

Smartphones in today’s times offer a plethora of capabilities and features that enable us to accomplish things that were previously exclusive to certain devices. Numerous mobile devices enable us to take high-resolution photos, access the internet, and help to share our location easily with our friends and family.

It’s terrifying how much modern smartphones and internet services learn about us, from the personal details to our small timing. However, iPhone’s location detection is not really unpleasant: recognizing where you are, with the proper application and settings, may offer a loved one ease of mind or even assist emergency services to locate someone whenever they need any assistance.

It can be aggravating when iPhones and Android phones don’t work together. You may think it’s too complicated to exchange your location between devices, but there’s a simple method to achieve it. Furthermore, Google Maps users can switch from an iPhone to an Android device. All you must do is send texts with a link to the location.

How do you share your iPhone’s location with an Android device?

Irrespective of the device you have whether it an iPhone or an Android device, you can efficiently share the iPhone’s location with a trusted friends and family.

For iPhone users

iPhone users need to establish the Find My app on their iPhones if they have it. You don’t need to download or install another app because it’s incorporated into iOS 13.

By simply launching the application, selected friends and family members may keep track of the location. You have the option of granting permanent access to your location or granting access for a specific period.

Temporary tracking becomes useful in a scenario when you know you’ll be travelling on a trip, trekking, or attending a major event and want the peace of mind that someone will be able to locate you if necessary. Please note that you don’t always have the time or capacity to send out momentary requests in certain cases. To proceed, pick the Contacts tab in the Find My app, then Share My Location. Issue the invite to the person(s) you wish to have access to the location by entering their email address.

For Android users

Android users can use Google Maps that offers a built-in location-sharing capability. You may share your location with anyone for an unlimited period, or you can set a time restriction after which your position will return to being private, identical to Apple’s Find My application.

Open Google Maps and drag the menu from the left side of the display to share the current location with others. Then, under Location sharing, hit the Add icon, which resembles a profile of a person with a “+” symbol. Then, choose how long you want to disclose the location and then send the invitation. The location share function in Google Maps isn’t only for Android phones. That implies you could send a location to invite to an iPhone user or vice versa: an iPhone can communicate its whereabouts to an Android user.

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Apps that can assist you to share your iPhone’s Location

Some applications are meant to offer friends and family accessibility to your exact location whenever you wish.

Live updates are available in the applications, so your friends can view how close you are to them. Some of the applications produce a unique URL that can be accessed from any browsers so that friends don’t just have the same mobile operating system.

Facebook Messenger

When it comes to cross-platform location sharing, you aren’t limited to Google services. There’s also a Facebook alternative.

Facebook Messenger has a feature called Live Location. It’s a simple method to share your present location with others. It’s also convenient because many individuals will have all the applications installed. This also implies that both you and your friend are on Facebook. You must also have Facebook Messenger installed on each of your smartphones. Follow the instructions below to proceed-

  1. Click the Facebook Messenger application.
  2. Locate the person to whom you want to share your current location.
  3. The More symbol (which should be a tiny + sign) should be clicked.
  4. Place your finger on the map.
  5. To share your current location, tap Share Live Location.
  6. If the contact’s Messenger app is closed, they will receive a notification and a map showing your present location.


Jink is an inter-connect platform (iOS, Android) software designed to address the issue of revealing your location when keeping in touch with others. Both parties may choose the location, join meet-ups, and the tracing will cease immediately once you get at the location. You can even manage several users on the same map using the Jink application.

Life 360

You have alternative options with Life 360 if you would not want to connect to Google or Facebook, or if you prefer a less transient option. Another alternative is to utilize an application that enables a group of people to track one other’s locations in real-time. It should go without saying that this is particularly useful for both parents or families. Follow the steps to proceed-

  1. Click on Life360.
  2. Create a new account using your contact information and a password.
  3. Complete the remaining setup procedures.
  4. Subsequently, you will get to view the option to Create a New Circle, click on it.
  5. Then, you will be prompted to share a unique invite code with your friends and family.

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