How can a user transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

Are you still not able to figure out how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone after purchasing a new one? To move contacts from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, iCloud is the first choice. Due to the restricted free storage space, not all contacts, images, or other content can be stored properly in iCloud.

While using the iCloud account, the process is straightforward as the contacts are immediately transferred. Furthermore, if you have any different situations, we will provide you with various options for transferring the contacts from one iPhone to another as well as to an Android device using a SIM card.

Different ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone or any other device

Learn various ways to easily transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without any hassle-

Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

The easiest ways to transfer contacts are to use iPhone capabilities like iCloud. Utilizing iCloud to sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone is a simple decision because it can keep data synchronized across all of your devices. Follow the steps below to proceed to transfer contacts-

  1. Make sure both iPhones are linked to Wi-Fi and logged in with the same Apple ID.
  2. Click Settings on both phones, touch your name and then select iCloud.
  3. Drag the Contacts slider to the on/green position.
  4. If a notification comes asking to merge the contacts, select that option to ensure that none of the contacts is lost.
  5. You must sync all of the contacts to both devices since the info from both devices first uploads to iCloud and then merges to both iPhones.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

In this method, you will understand how to use iTunes to move contacts from one iPhone to another. You can share and sync the data between several devices if you have an upgraded version of iTunes. Preferably, you should either sync or backup and restore the contacts. Both of these methods for transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes have been addressed.

Restore and backup iPhone contacts via iTunes

One of the simplest methods for learning how to move contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone is to use iTunes. We will do this by taking a backup of the old phone and then restoring it to a new device. But note that all existing data on the target device will be deleted, while all contacts will be recovered from the backup.

Step to follow:

  1. To begin, link your current iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Go to the Summary section of your device and choose it.
  3. Next, select to take a backup on the local computer under the Backups segment.
  4. Finally, press the “Backup Now” button to begin for iTunes to fully backup the device.
  5. You may connect the device and go to its Summary once you have performed a backup locally.
  6. Pick the destination and backup device by clicking “Restore Backup” from this menu.

Move contacts via iTunes

If you want to transfer your contacts, you may do it simply by synchronizing your device. Follow these instructions to learn how to move contacts iPhone to iPhone using iTunes:

  1. Link your current iPhone to your computer and open an upgraded version of iTunes.
  2. Then go to the device’s “Info” tab after selecting it. Activate the “Sync Contacts” option present there.
  3. After making the choice, click the Sync button and wait for the procedure to finish.
  4. Remove the device and attach it to the iPhone you want to use.
  5. Follow the same steps as before, but this time click on the Info page and check the box next to “Sync Contacts.”
  6. You may also go to the Advanced part of the program and replace the existing contacts with new ones.
  7. Finally, after you have made your choice, tap the “Sync” button.
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How to transfer your contacts to a new iPhone via SIM card?

This method can be used if you are switching from an Android device or if you have contacts saved on a SIM card. As SIM cards now have storage capacities of up to 256 KB, they can easily store a large number of contacts in a simple format.

To begin, turn on the Android device and open the Contacts app. Go to Settings/Manage Contacts, then go to Import/Export Contacts settings by tapping the additional options button at the top of the screen. You may transfer all contacts to the linked SIM card from it now.

Simply remove the SIM card from your smartphone and remove the SIM tray from the iPhone with a SIM ejection device. You may now insert the SIM card and return the tray to the iPhone. Open the iPhone and go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings after the SIM has been recognized. From here, scroll down and click on the option to Import SIM card contacts to the iPhone.

Also, remember that to opt for this approach, the source phone must be an Android device, and at times contact information may get lost during the procedure.

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