How can you use iPhone Background Sounds in iOS 15?

Apple has announced iOS 15, which includes updates to FaceTime, Spotlight, Alerts, Weather, Safari, Find My, and Photos, as well as a focus on accessibility features on the iPhone and iPad. Apple is launching a new usability feature – Focus – to assist users to minimize being distracted, intimidated, or uncomfortable by what’s occurring on around them, which is termed as Background Sounds.

While using the iPhone or iPad, you may use the Background Sounds feature to hear balancing, bright, and dark noise, as well as sea, rainfall, and streams tones to help you focus and unwind. It is possible that this functionality will eliminate the need to buy or subscribe to third-party background noise applications. Its main drawback is that it is not a standalone app, instead, it is hidden under the iDevice Accessibility settings.

This makes it more difficult to access, especially because Siri instructions and Accessibility shortcuts don’t function with iPhone Background Sounds at the moment. Apple has some expertise with sounds of nature, having introduced white noise, stream, rain, ocean, night, forest, and fireplace to the HomePod in the year 2019. Moreover, the quality of the background sounds is expected to increase with time.

Steps to follow to use iPhone Background Sounds in iOS 15

  1. First, you need to open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 15.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to Accessibility and click it.
  3. Now go to Audio/Visual > Background Sounds and swipe down.
  4. Switch on the Rain sound by tapping the button at the top. The button serves as a play/pause switch.
  5. Siri directions to enable/disable Background Sounds just do not seem to operate in the second iOS 15 betas, and there is no option to utilize a triple-click Accessibility shortcut.
  6. To test, install, and modify your background sounds, go to Sound.
  7. By using Background Sounds on their own, you can choose a volume level, and when using them when media is streaming, you can set a different volume level. Whenever the media is playing, you may also turn off Background Sounds.

Whenever you initially change your background sounds, it will take a few moments for them to properly download. After you have started Background Sounds, you may use the physical volume buttons on the iPhone or iPad to control them.

Know about Siri and Accessibility shortcuts for iPhone Background Sounds

While using Siri to play/pause Background Sounds in iOS 15 beta 2, it brings up random material in the Music app rather than the genuine Background Sounds functionality.

If Background Sounds are on and you ask Siri to turn it off, Siri responds with the reply “Nothing is playing or there’s nothing playing”

It would also sound right for Apple to include an Accessibility shortcut for Background Sounds through the triple-click Side button. For that users need to wait and see whether it comes in further betas or with the public release of iOS 15 in the autumn.

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Do iDevice users need to use iPhone Background Sounds on iOS?

iPad/iPhone Background Sounds is a unique accessibility feature, it is only available on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, among other devices. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are currently only accessible as a developer beta for a limited number of iPhones and iPads. If you want to download iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 on your primary device, we recommend against it because these early development releases may have bugs and problems.

In case you are not sure which iOS or iPadOS version the device is running, launch the Settings app and navigate to Settings, then click General and tap on About, from where you need to select the Software Version option.

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How can you add a Background Sounds shortcut in Control Panel?

iPhone Background Sounds is a fantastic tool for those of us who struggle to focus or calm since it is hidden inside your iPhone’s Accessibility settings. But you may also find it difficult to access or alter sounds or levels from time to time. However, providing a simple shortcut to the Control Centre makes it much easier to get to it.

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad and click ‘Control Centre’ to activate a shortcut for ‘Background Sounds’ inside Control Centre.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to the ‘Hearing’ option. It is the one with an ear icon under ‘More Controls’ in the ‘Control Centre.’ By pressing the ‘+’ icon on the left side of the ‘Hearing’ choice, you may add this function to your Control Centre.
  3. The ‘Hearing’ control will be moved to the ‘Included Controls’ area at the top after you do it.
  4. Now, within Control Centre, you have finally updated a shortcut to ‘Background Sounds.’

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